Why International Business on the BRICS markets?
Would you like to feel at home doing business in the BRICS countries?
Are you interested in making a truly international career?
If so, the Master’s program “International Business on the BRICS markets” at the Faculty of International Business of the RFTA of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation is the right choice for you!

Not only will you extend your understanding of economic fundamentals of these markets, you will also develop your expertise in various relevant fields and refine your professional profile.
And, you will definitely benefit from the program as it will also prepare you for professional and leadership duties in the international business leaving nothing standing in the way of your personal career!

This unique Master's program prepares specialists with outstanding personal and professional skills in the field of foreign economic relations to work in the BRICS countries.

The global economy transformation requires professionals who are able to quickly adapt to new realities of doing business.
The BRICS countries are large sales markets; they constantly introduce new technologies and offer innovative management solutions, expand and deepen foreign economic relations and establish new partnerships that provide wide employment opportunities in the international labor market.

Master's program “International Business on the BRICS markets” focuses on forming and developing key competencies necessary for specialists who intends or already work on these international markets.
About Our Program
Level of education: Master
Program start: September 2024
Duration: 2 years
Format: full-time, online, Saturdays
Language: English
Entrance test: an essay on economics in English
Total fee: 350,000 rubles per year
Professional prospects
  • Our full-time Master’s program “International Business on the BRICS markets” will provide you with an immersive and transformative educational experience and equip you with the skills, knowledge, and networks you need to accelerate your career.

  • Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to develop your deep understanding of key business concepts and give some practical experience through real-world case studies.

  • Our Master’s program is more than just educational program - it is created for a community of ambitious and talented individuals who are ready to generate and share ideas, experiences, and prospects.

Look at some professional opportunities that you can consider on completing our full-time Master’s program “International Business on the BRICS markets”:
  • International Project Manager
  • International Sales/Marketing Director on the BRICS and global markets
  • International Organization Consultant
  • Expert on macroeconomic processes and global economy
  • Project Manager for Interaction with BRICS structures and organizations
  • Business analyst of the BRICS and global markets
  • Trade representative in the BRICS countries
  • Business consultant on foreign economic activity in the BRICS countries
Reason to take the Master
  • Solid grounding in the most recent economic theories in micro- and macroeconomics, as well as comprehensive study of the BRICS countries economies as a new format of international cooperation
  • Unique Master's degree program from a leading Russian university
  • International learning environment
  • Prepared with the participation of researchers, business representatives and government agencies actively working in the markets of the BRICS countries
  • Business network: plenty of opportunities to expand your contacts. Get ready to build professional relationships with your mates and meet executives from leading companies
Program Features
The basic module
  • Fundamentals of Micro- and Macroeconomics
  • Econometrics
  • Foreign Language (Professional)
  • Trends in International Economy
Module 1. Introduction to the economies of the BRICS countries
  • BRICS: History, Members and Main Characteristics
  • BRICS as a new format of international cooperation of the XXI century
Module 2. BRICS countries in the Global economy
  • Key Macroeconomic Indicators and Economic Development Trends
  • BRICS countries in integration processes
Module 3. International Trade
  • International trade in the 21st century
  • Trade and Economic Relations Between the BRICS Countries
  • BRICS Countries in International Trade: Problems and Solutions
Module 4. Finance and Investments
  • International Financial Markets and Their Role in the Economies of the BRICS
  • Investment Opportunities and Risks in the BRICS Countries
  • Financial Policy and Regulation in the BRICS Countries
  • Features of the monetary and financial systems of the BRICS countries
Module 5. Legal System of the BRICS Countries
  • General Characteristics of the Legal Systems of the BRICS Countries
  • International commercial contracts: the practice of drafting and implementation in the BRICS countries
  • Adjustment of cross-border commercial disputes (in thr context of the BRICS countries)
  • Legal regulation of foreign investment and adjustment of investment disputes in the BRICS countries
Module 6. International Business Environment of the BRICS Countries
  • International Entrepreneurship and its Features, Opportunities and Risks in the BRICS Countries
  • Leadership and Management in the Context of Economic Development of the BRICS Countries
  • Leadership Qualities and Skills Required for Successful Management in the BRICS Countries
  • International Negotiations and Diplomatic Skills
Module 7. Culture and Social Development of the BRICS Countries
  • General Characteristics of History of the BRICS Countries
  • Main Directions of Culture and Art in the BRICS Countries
  • Сross-cultural communication in the BRICS countries
Module 8. Country Module (Conducted Using the Example of a Specific BRICS Country)
  • Cultural Characteristics and social development of the Country
  • Economy of the Country
  • Business Environment of the Country
Scientific Director of the Program
Elena Borisovna Rogatykh
PhD, Head of the Department of World and National Economics
The complexity and scale of the tasks that the BRICS countries are facing now require active use of international cooperation opportunities to achieve the desired results. In this regard, deepening both bilateral and multilateral cooperation, especially in the field of innovation, digital economy and sustainable development, presents a significant potential for the BRICS member countries, ensuring the convergence of strategic goals in the socio-economic sphere.
International Cooperation
International projects
Joint virtual projects allow to implement international online learning programs (COIL - Collaborative Online International Learning) involving teams from partner universities, such as the Business School of Beijing Foreign Studies University (China), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) , Sharda University (India).
Speakers from the BRICS countries Universities
Online seminars with international groups of students from China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Iran, UAE, Egypt, Ethiopia, and other countries
"Doing Business in..."
Full-time modules “Doing Business in” in Russia (RFTA Ministry of Economic Development of Russia), China (Business School of Beijing Foreign Studies University), Brazil (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), India (Sharda University).
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